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  • Hello, I would like to tell you my success story about keyword installs....Keyword installs basically mean that people search the app store for certain keywords and install your app from the search results. Why is this good for you? Because with these installs your app will rank higher on those keywords.
    So I just signed up at this site: Keyapp-Android app promotion and ordered my first 100 installs pack(50 daily for 2 days). It is good to know that the installs from this website are genuine US installs, and the price is a little bit high(0.16$ for 1 US keyword install) but it worth because the website has a self-serve paltform so you can easily create your campaign . So after I bought these installs, had to wait 2 days, Google updates their ranking in this time, and suddenly saw that my app jumped from ranking 99 to 19. The miracle didn't start here. After one month now, I checked the ranking of the app, and the ranking remained the same. How could this happen? Here is the proof:
    If you register under this link Keyapp-Android app promotion you can get your free trial to your account and try the service!
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  • Useful tips, thanks for sharing. Here I recommend ASOTOP1 which also can provide keyword installs, developers can buy keyword installs from here. They can provide multiple install types and countries for you to choose. And they have very professional teams to guarantee every penny you spent are worth. Developers can have a try.

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