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    Hello, guys!

    Our KeyApp team offers app promotional services to android developers. We can promote your app by keyword installs and package installs, besides we provide 5-star, 4-star rates and reviews for your application. Our geolocation is USA, UK, Germany installs. We have a huge number of users, so we pay them for each install and review, it’s incentivized traffic. In addition, we have discounts and bonus programs. You can get free trial to test our service after you signed up on our site, by contacting us: or in skype: karen.rendall_1

  • Hi, everyone! I would advise you to promote your android apps by keywords. So how do apps promotes on the Google Play Store by keywords?

    When user enters his search request, he uses keywords. Then in the list of applications he offered, there will be those that contains the given keyword in the description, title, etc. Google sorts them by the number of downloads by users who used these words in their request. Accordingly, the more downloads your application for a certain keyword, the higher it is in the ranking when searching. Promotion by keywords is more efficient and less expensive for developers. The promotion itself becomes directional, so you target the chosen audience.

    You can try by yourself our keyword promotion. Sign up on our site KeyApp.Top and you'll get 125 keyword installs for free!

  • Here you can view our prices:
    We have a lot of bonuses for our clients, for example, payment bonus which you can get from every single transaction >500$.
    Our discounts usually depend on your total payments on our site.
    Be sure to check our bonus and referral program that can help you to earn some money to promote your app!

  • Hi, our clients usually ask us what kind of traffic we provide?
    We provide incentivized traffic! That means that we have a real user base and we pay them for downloading your app. Our installs geolocation is USA, UK, Germany, India and we plan to increase our users' geo in near future. So follow our service's thread and get details on our site KeyApp.Top

  • Now we have our own site that will help you to choose right keywords for keyword promotion, here it is You should check it if you’re interested in keyword boosts and ASO!

  • Hi, there! KeyApp.Top is looking for partners now. We would be very glad to cooperate with everyone who is interested in our service.

    alt text

    For customers which you can attract to our service, we’ll provide 20$ start bonus, so it will be easier to interest them with our site.
    Our partners can earn money from spendings of the clients they’ve attracted, due to our referral program. We can send your ref. money directly to your PayPal.

  • Hello, everyone! We expand our geolocations a bit, so check all our regions we can deliver installs from:
    · Australia
    · Canada
    · Great Britain
    · Germany
    · India
    · USA

    We're going to add Russia this week, so make sure to visit our site to try out new features!

  • Hello! Always make sure you're checking the right market, guys! There's always a way to manually view where your application stands in keyword search in USA and other regions if you're searching from another country! So, after you typed a keyword in Google Play, and got your result, just add &hl=en-US&gl=us at the end of your url for US region and reopen this new url (In case you need other region change &gl=de for Germany, &gl=ca for Canada, &gl=in for India and so on)

  • KeyApp.Top is announcing a WEEKLY DISCOUNT!

    Winter is coming and Christmas is just around the corner which means, it's time for BIG MONEY!
    A pre-holiday period of November – December is the best time for app developers to earn. You have about a month to boost your applications to the top positions on Google Play to get the biggest revenue of the year.
    From September 25th - October 1st, we remove all our payment bonuses and leave only TWO bonuses for each single transaction:

    • Payments less than 999$ receive a 25% bonus to payment amount

    • Payments more than 1000$ receive a 50% bonus to payment amount

    Don't miss this opportunity to push your app to the very TOP and make more money than ever before!

  • Hi, there! Our weekly discount has come to an end and we returned our standard bonuses for each single payment more than 500$. I'd like to remind you our payment bonuses:

    • 500$ - 1000$ - 10% bonus
    • 1000$ - 3000$ - 20% bonus
    • 3000$ - 5000$ - 25% bonus
    • 5000$ - 10000$ - 30% bonus

    We provide different payment methods to make our service more convenient, safe and fast. You can add money to our service via:

    • PayPal
    • Credit Card
    • WebMoney
    • Bitcoin
    • Wire transfer

    Be sure to check KeyApp.Top and to know more about our discounts, referral program and bonus program!

  • Our customers usually ask us about what package install means? Our site KeyApp.Top provides 2 types of Android installs:

    • package installs (simple or regular there are a lot of definitions)
    • keyword installs

    Package install is a direct install by a package id, keyword install is an install by keyword (by which a user searches the app), keyword installs are more effective as they increase the rank, clients order package installs if they just want to have more installs in the statistics, we recommend keyword installs to boost your apps' rank!

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