How to make your app more attractive than others

  • For app developers, create a high quality is vital important. But to make the app attractive also very important. Do you know which factors affect to create the most attractive apps to catch users’ eyes and increase app downloads? Here I will share some methods about how to make your app more attractive to attract more users.

    1. Improve your app's functions

    App functions decide which kind of users will download your app, and will influences whether users will remain this app in their phone. If your app have great functions, it can attract more users. Firstly, you need analyze competitors’ apps and markets to find which functions are exigent for users, and you need to make a conclusion to find practical functions. When users download your app because of practical functions, next, you need to ensure to offer users a good operation experience by performance. Before you launch apps on App Store, you are supposed to test your app frequently in advance to find whether some bugs exist in your app, then look for solutions to that. After listing apps on App Store, you can check up app reviews to know whether users suffer from other new bugs. Then you have chances to deal with that.

    1. Boost app store rankings

    App ranking is one of the most important parts of increasing app attraction. If your app in the top rank in the app store, people will think it is popular and be liked by most people, so they should download the app. You need to utilize these following tips to increase app ranking, including app store optimization, advertisements and increasing keywords ranking.

    1. Gain more positive reviews and high ratings

    To effectively get more positive reviews, you can cooperate with some famous and professional companies to get app reviews service. In this step, you need cost money to buy positive app reviews that relevant to your app features, which will increase users’ reliability for your app and attract them to download.

    Besides buying positive reviews, you can also buy app ratings from these kinds of companies. They will provide 4-5 star ratings for you and improve the level of app ratings on average. And they can promise that all the reviews and ratings are from real users. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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