Make an attractive app through these 4 methods

  • Hi friends, all app developers want to create the most attractive apps to catch users’ eyes and increase app downloads. But how to do it? Today I will share some methods for you in the following. These methods can help solve the problem that how to make your app more attractive.

    1. Improve apps functions and performance
    Before you launching the app in the app store, make sure the app quality. Then you need analyze competitors’ apps and markets to find which functions are urgent for users, and you need to make a conclusion to find practical functions.

    When users download your app because of practical functions, next, you need to ensure to offer users a good operation experience by performance. Before you launch apps on App Store, you are supposed to test your app frequently in advance to find whether some bugs exist in your app, then look for solutions to that. After listing apps on App Store, you can check up app reviews to know whether users suffer from other new bugs. Then you have chances to deal with that. Learn from negative reviews and improve the bad functions.

    2. Download amounts
    Get as much as app downloads also can make your app look attractive for users. Large amount app downloads means that your app is very popular. Sometimes even users do not want to download your app, when they see the download amounts, they will download and try to play your app. So get more app downloads is also very important.

    3. Get more positive reviews
    App developers know that app reviews have a great influence on their apps. It decides the number of installs to a large extent. Positive reviews help increase app attraction and increase app downloads. It can also help boost app store rankings. While negative reviews will decrease installs because many users will give up downloading apps when they find negative reviews. Data show that nearly 70% users will have a look at the reviews given by other users before they download the app. So gain more positive reviews can make your app more attractive.

    4. Get more high ratings
    For users, ratings mean the reputation of your app. Low ratings show your app have a bad reputation, which will make users hold the view that this app is worse in many aspects, including performance, functions and operation experience. On the contrary, they would rather install these apps having high ratings. So if you don’t want to decrease app attraction, you need focus on app ratings.

    In conclusion
    The most attractive apps ensure you to catch more and more users’ eyes and increase app downloads. You can cooperate with Reviewapp4u and Buyappratings to get more positive app reviews and high ratings. They can promise all the reviews and ratings are from real users.

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