Buy app ratings from a professional company

  • First we should know why should developers buy app ratings.

    App ratings are one of the important factors in boosting app ranking. Also, high app ratings have the ability to attract lots of users to download. Data shows that 12% users will download the app with 1 - star, 15% users will download 2 - star app, and 50% about 3 - star. But for the apps with 4 - star, download rate is as high as 96%, 100% for 5 - star apps. That is to say, 90% won’t download the app when see it only have 1 - star ratings and reviews. So we can see the importance of app ratings.

    And then where can developers buy high app ratings.

    It is difficult to make users write high rating, they think this is a time wasting thing, and according to the research, users usually give low ratings when they feel unsatisfied with the app. So the most effective way to get high app ratings is to buy app ratings from reliable company. I recommend you ASOTOP1, they support global app rating service with 4/5-star ratings. Customize your app promotion plan and maximize ROI. And all 5-star ratings and installs are provided by real users. And they support 24/7 customer care and money back guarantee to ensure you worry-free and risk-free.

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